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Roofs are a crucial element of any building, protecting us from the elements and ensuring our safety and comfort. However, over time, roofs can experience wear and tear, leading to… Read more »

As a homeowner in Colorado Springs, you may have noticed that roof replacement costs can be significantly higher than in other regions. While the natural beauty and pleasant climate of… Read more »

When it comes to home maintenance, the roof often remains overlooked until a problem arises. Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home, providing protection against… Read more »

Having icicles hanging from the roof of your Denver home might look pretty in winter, but can they cause damage? Knowing more about icicles, including why they form and whether… Read more »

When rain and snow pour onto your roof, your gutters are responsible for directing it away fromyour home’s foundation. Since gutters are open, it’s easy for debris, such as twigs,… Read more »

Roof flashing plays an important role in protecting your home from water damage. The flashing around dormers, chimneys, valleys and other joints help keep water from seeping through when it… Read more »

Hail storms in the Denver area can cause significant damage to your roof. While it isn’t hard to spot damage from large hail, you can easily miss signs of damage… Read more »

From storms to wear and tear, your roof can end up needing routine roof repair from time to time. When you’re in this situation, it’s important to understand what to… Read more »

Learn more about what to expect during your roof replacement/roof repair. Your roof should be inspected every few years to ensure its integrity is still intact. Our snowy winters put… Read more »

This is a guest post from author Jennifer Bell. There is a lot that you should think about before replacing your roof. Not only should you think about the appearance… Read more »

Although there are many components to a home, your roof may be the most important. Our roofs provide shelter, warmth, and protection from the elements. Given the vital purposes our… Read more »

Over 100,000 Coloradans were affected by hail damage this year, leading to insurance carrier and supply chain backlogs that left thousands of people unable to have their restoration work completed… Read more »

Advanced Exteriors, Inc., of Denver, Colorado, has received the most prestigious contractor award GAF offers: The GAF President’s Club Award. This highly coveted award recognizes Advanced Exteriors as one of… Read more »

Roll-forming and installing a tapered roof can be a complex and demanding type of job. Because of the nature of the design, there are usually more cuts and bends involved… Read more »

Want to learn more about a colorful multi-width Slate roof installed by DaVinci Roofscape contractors, Advanced Exteriors?  Read more here:   http://blog.davinciroofscapes.com/blog/synthetic-slate-and-shake-roofing-101/featured-project-englewood%2C-co

Denver, CO – May 4, 2016: Advanced Exteriors, Inc. Advanced Exteriors, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, has received GAF’s most prestigious contractor award: The GAF President’s Club Award. This highly coveted… Read more »

Denver, CO – May 13, 2015: Advanced Exteriors, Inc. Advanced Exteriors, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, has received GAF’s most prestigious contractor award: The GAF President’s Club Award. This highly coveted… Read more »

We’ve been published! Click below to read the article in R&R Magazine President Ty Correy describes why Advanced Exteriors, Inc. became a nationwide leader in use of the EagleView Wall… Read more »

Prior winner of all 3 GAF Master Elite Excellence Awards, Advanced Exteriors, Inc. has recently earned the highest honor in GAF standards, winning the prestigious 2014 President’s Club Award! GAF, North America’s largest… Read more »

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