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Benefits of Gutter Guards

When rain and snow pour onto your roof, your gutters are responsible for directing it away from
your home’s foundation. Since gutters are open, it’s easy for debris, such as twigs, leaves, and dirt to
build up inside them. Layers of debris can create clogs that prevent water from passing through your
gutters and downspouts, leading to ice damming, leaks, and water damage. Having gutter guards
installed can protect your home from these problems. Find out why you should consider having
gutter guards installed during an upcoming roof replacement or at any time.

Time Saver

When your gutters have protection, you don’t need to spend time or money cleaning them out or
worrying about getting onto your roof. Gutter guards keep debris from filling up your gutters while
allowing for proper drainage to happen maintenance-free.

Cost Savings

Gutter guards are a smart investment for your home. If you’re not able to clean gutters on your own,
having gutter cleaning done professionally can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Preventing
damages from occurring as a result of improperly draining gutters and downspouts can reduce or
eliminate other maintenance costs. This can help you save money that makes up for the initial cost
of gutter guards.

Leak and Ice Protection

Leaks can be a big problem for homeowners, especially if they’re severe enough to get inside.
Clogged gutters can easily lead to leaks that damage your soffit, fascia, siding, stucco, roof, or
interior. It might take time for you to even realize that you have leaky gutters or resulting damage,
which allows leaks to become worse. Having debris in your gutters during winter can allow stagnant
water to freeze and turn into blockages or ice dams. Gutter guards keep your gutters free of debris,
so they won’t overfill, leak, or ice dam. This helps protect your home from the damage that
obstructed gutters and downspouts can cause.

Extended Gutter Life

Gutters and downspouts that are in bad shape due to debris buildup and improper drainage need to
be replaced before they reach their normal lifespan. Rust can form and cause deterioration to steel
gutters when leaves and other debris are left unattended. Gutter guards stop debris from
accumulating and leading to more wear and tear. This can help your gutters last longer, so you won’t
have to replace them unexpectedly.

Pest Prevention

Stagnant water in gutters can attract mosquitoes and other pests, while debris can provide shelter or
nesting material for rodents, birds, and bugs. Having gutter guards installed helps prevent debris and
stagnant water from filling up your gutters, which helps keep pests away.

When to Install Gutter Guards

When should you have gutter guards put on your gutters? You might consider having a guard system
installed if you frequently have debris built up in your gutters or if your gutters seem to easily
become clogged. You can have gutter guards installed at any time to protect your home from
damage and keep your gutters in good condition. The most cost-effective time could be immediately
following work performed on the roof.

Dependable Gutter Guard and Roof Inspection Services

If it’s time for a roof and gutter inspection, please contact Advanced Exteriors to schedule one for
your Colorado Springs or Denver area home. Our roofing experts can check your roof for damage
and help you determine if you should have gutter guards installed.

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