Windows & Exterior Doors

Have your windows been damaged due to wind, hail, or intense winter or summer storms?

If you answered yes to any of these you could be throwing your money away. Damage to windows can cause high energy bills due to major temperature fluctuations in your home. Whether you are trying to stay warm in winter or cool in the summer months, old or damaged windows cause your heating and ventilation systems to work overtime. Advanced Exteriors can replace your old or damaged windows and start saving you money today. We install windows of any size or style made from vinyl, wood or fiberglass, along with matching sliding or French doors. We use the highest quality windows on every installation and we guarantee our work.

We are a local Milgard windows and doors dealer, allowing us to cut out the suppliers and their shipping and stocking costs and pass the savings along to you! Check out more about Milgard replacement windows and their products by clicking here, and call us today to set up a time for a free estimate!

The following is a list of signs/indications of faulty windows that should be replaced:

  • Leaking of moisture through seals or any part of the window?
  • Any type of damage to the window caused by weather?
  • Drafts around or in front of the window?
  • Moisture between window panes?
  • Moisture on window sills?

At Advanced Exteriors we excel to become experts in our industry. For more information on the other services we can provide please click the links below.