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Are Icicles Damaging to My Roof?

roof with icicles

Having icicles hanging from the roof of your Denver home might look pretty in winter, but can they cause damage? Knowing more about icicles, including why they form and whether… Read more »

Benefits of Gutter Guards

picture of gutters on a house

When rain and snow pour onto your roof, your gutters are responsible for directing it away fromyour home’s foundation. Since gutters are open, it’s easy for debris, such as twigs,… Read more »

Waiting for Spring to Fix Hail Damage?

large hail the size of dimes, nickels and quarters lie in grass Advanced Exteriors Denver

Over 100,000 Coloradans were affected by hail damage this year, leading to insurance carrier and supply chain backlogs that left thousands of people unable to have their restoration work completed… Read more »

Featured Project – Englewood, CO

Want to learn more about a colorful multi-width Slate roof installed by DaVinci Roofscape contractors, Advanced Exteriors?  Read more here: