Professional Roof Replacement in Denver, CO

If you are considering whether you should arrange for roof repair or roof replacement, the first thing you should know is that the typical roof lasts 20 to 25 years. We recommend that you schedule roof inspection in the Denver metro area as soon as possible if your roof is at least 20 years old.
Although your roof may look fine now, our experience tells us that roof replacement Denver CO is usually the best option for aged roofs. Advanced Exteriors is happy to provide you with a free roof replacement estimate, including the time we expect it to take to replace your roof.

Based on information from the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should perform regular evaluations of your roof, or at least twice each year. Checking your roof during spring is incredibly essential, especially in the wake of the intense winters we have experienced in the past few years. Basic DIY roof maintenance involves cleaning gutters, downspouts, drains, and looking for signs of damage.

4 DIY Ways to Inspect Your Roof

Before you need a roof replacement, conduct the following steps:

  1. Check inside – start with your home’s interior sections, such as the attic and ceiling boards. Get a flashlight, and get up under the eaves.
  2. Ask some questions – consider asking a few questions from the previous owners on the roof maintenance.
  3. Remember the shingles – check the rooftop and ensure it is in top shape, and the shingles should lie flat.
  4. Climb up to the attic – the attic can be a convenient and safe way to evaluate your roof.

How We Can Help

If you notice any signs of roof damage or perhaps need information on when to replace it, get in touch with us. Below are the benefits you should expect from a roof replacement Denver CO service:

Trained and Licensed Professionals

Our staff members have the training and qualification required to handle most types of roof repair tasks. They have the technical knowledge necessary to restore the quality of your roof and with lasting results.

High-Quality Products and Solutions

In particular, we know that roofing products are often improving, together with modern-day home construction techniques. We are regularly reviewing and upgrading our services’ quality to ensure the best results for your clients. Plus, the roofing products we provide will last a lifetime. We also offer consultation on choosing the right roof-type for your property.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every service you order from our service comes with a 100% guarantee for satisfaction. How do we assure this? We have professional staff, and we guide you through any budgeting or service quotations before each project. Thus, you are fully informed of the outcomes you should expect with each service.

Reasons Why Your Roof Needs Replacement

Your roof is the most important aspect of your home’s exterior. It has various functions for the home, such as keeping you safe from pests, the elements, and changing weather patterns. Plus, the roof also makes up for an essential aspect of your home decor and insulation. Before selling your home, you may have to replace the roof to boost its market value.
With so much to gain from having a high-quality roof, it’s good to ensure you replace your roof when it becomes old. On average, expect to replace roofs that average at five years old and above. Whether you have to replace the roof or not depends on factors such as the:

  • Age of the roof
  • The material construction
  • The weather patterns in your area
  • Presence of chemical industries
  • Home aesthetics factors

Parting Thoughts

The roof is among some of the most critical sections of your home. It helps protect you from the cold, snowy weather, the rain, dust, bird poop, and more. Thus, keeping it in top condition should be a priority.
Choosing a reliable roof replacement in Denver CO, Colorado Springs CO or Fort Collins CO, is also vital. Plus, replacing your roof is not all about damage only, but also boosting the property’s aesthetics. If you have any struggles in replacing, evaluating, or maintaining your roof, we suggest that you get in touch with us.