Steven Golden

“On July 28, 2016, my roof and skylights were pummeled by hail. Brendan Christenson (Sales / Account Manager for Advanced Exteriors) came by the very next day to apply tarps over the skylights and damaged roof areas. Kyle Anderson (Project Manager) was out when the adjustor arrived to survey the damage and document the items needing repair. Without Kyle’s help, we would have missed quite a lot of damage. My new skylights had to be custom ordered – which delayed the installation process by a few weeks. During this process, Brendan was in frequent contact – which eased my concerns – and said he was shooting for a seamless install for the roof and the 8 foot long skylights. To compensate for the delay – and ongoing weather concerns  – Brendan dispatched a very large crew for the job. My roof was finished by 10:30 on their second day off work! Overall, my experience with Advanced Exteriors was very positive! They were reassuringly professional and highly responsive to my concerns via phone or email. The roof and skylights were installed in-between bouts of extreme cold and snow. Having the larger crew to do the work when the weather cooperated was terrific. I was contacted immediately following the installation to see if I had questions or concerns. I am very pleased with the outcome (the roof and skylights look terrific) – and I would unequivocally recommend Advanced Exteriors to friends, family, and neighbors. Given that hundreds of homes were impacted by the hailstorm, and the numerous roofing companies ringing doorbells and seeking contracts, I feel quite fortunate to have chosen such an outstanding company to get the job done right! Consistent with their motto, Advanced Exteriors really did provide me with ‘peace of mind’ through the entire process.“ – Steven Z. Golden, CO