Concrete Tile

Westlake Royal Roofing
“West Lake’s standard weight tile collection includes products that are minimum 900 pounds per roofing square (10 x 10 foot area).

BMI Group tile offers a components collection that when used comprehensively results in a superior tile roof installation that offers the highest functionality, performance and energy efficiency available.”

Composite Shingle

barcelona concrete example
boosted barcelona cap example
Boosted Barcelona Caps

saxony shake concrete example
Saxony Shake

Saxony Slate
saxony split old english shake concrete example
Saxony Split Old English Thatch

Villa 900


CertianTeed Composite Tiles

  • UL Class A fire-resistance rating (with approved underlayment)
  • UL 2218, Class 4 Impact resistance rating
  • Passed UL testing for 110 MPH wind resistance at full 8″ exposure
  • ASTM D3161 wind resistance
  • Superior fade resistant (UV) surface technology

Warranties and Brochures

Protect your investment of a new roof with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. To simplify your search for the best we’ll gladly put ours under the microscope for your review. Please call us for details.

One of the measures that you can use to determine what type of value you receive from your new roof is the duration of the manufacturer’s product warranty. Some of the different product warranties offered in the roofing industry include Limited Lifetime, 50 Years, 40 Years, 30 Years, 25 Years, Accelerated, Prorated, and Non-prorated – to name several. The best way to determine which warranty is right for you is to compare the warranties side by side and consider which elements cover your needs best. Please call us for details on product warranties and we’ll walk you through it.