Insurance Claims

Advance Exteriors provides free representation and assistance with storm damage claimsAdvanced Exteriors, Inc. is home to a comprehensive staff of insurance claims professionals, including licensed adjusters, with extensive industry experience and the ability to provide you free representation and assistance with storm damage claims. We provide complimentary damage analysis of the entire property which insurance companies recommend obtaining prior to filing a claim. As a complete restoration contractor, we remove the burden of project management from our customers by providing a single point of contact for insurance claim settlement and facilitating the repairs for all components of a storm-damaged property, not just the roof. Insurance claim payments must be tightly regulated in order for premiums to remain affordable. While many instances of insurance claim denials are reasonable, undervalued or inappropriately denied claims remain a common occurrence. While they are trained professionals, insurance adjusters can make mistakes and are not always familiar with local building code requirements or technical details within the construction industry. Advanced Exteriors, Inc. Project Managers are well trained in insurance adjustment procedures and are standing by to meet and assist your insurance adjuster at your home during the initial damage appraisal or any necessary re-inspections. Our dedicated team of insurance claim specialists will provide a comprehensive summary of the necessary repairs using the same estimating software used by all major insurance providers. We will diligently follow-up with the appropriate adjusters from your insurance company to reach an agreement on the scope and cost of repairs for your property prior to starting work, providing you peace of mind instead of rushing you to allow for a premature installation. This agreed settlement often includes costs such as code upgrades required by your local jurisdiction or other line items missing from an adjuster’s original scope of repairs. These additional line items are often referred to in the industry as “supplements” and can become a substantial portion of a final settlement total (rather than extra costs to you). We have found that by finalizing discrepancies prior to commencement of repairs we minimize out-of-pocket expense and frustration without sacrificing the quality of the installation for our customers.

Once the repairs to your property are complete our insurance claims specialists will contact your adjuster again to verify that the repairs are completed and request that all withheld funds, including depreciation and supplements, be released (to you and in your name) as soon as possible. This ensures that you receive the funds pertaining to our scope of work as quickly as possible while minimizing your inconvenience dealing with the insurance company. Advanced Exteriors will not bill a customer for final payment relating to insurance claim repairs until we have received confirmation that all of the funds have been released by the insurance company. When a mortgage company is involved with endorsing claim payments, we provide additional assistance and documentation to help facilitate the expedient disbursement of the appropriate funds directly to our customers. Our standard is to provide the highest quality installation and customer service experience while minimizing out-of-pocket expense and hassles by partnering with our customers throughout the entire insurance claim process.

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