Quarrix Composite Shingles


“Distinction Tile offers the look of traditional concrete and clay tiles without the heavy weight and installation challenges. The advanced composite material will give you guaranteed long-term performance, adding unmatched value to your home.”

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Composite Shingles

Natural Splendor
Distinction Tile Composite Roofing is carefully designed to create unmatched beauty with long-term performance. Our six rich tile colors create an attractive roof, complementing and enhancing any style of home. The colors can be blended for a customized and unique roof appearance.

Proven Performance
Our exclusive formulation and controlled manufacturing process is supported with in-field proven performance and industry testing to give you peace of mind. It has been tested and exceeds minimums for Rate of Burn, Smoke Density, Self and Flash Ignition, Dynamic Wind Resistance at 110 mph*, Uplift Bending, Permeability and Water Absorption.

Light Weight
Distinction Tile’s lightweight design makes installation much less challenging and quicker than installing the heavy and delicate natural products. Distinction Tile is a third the weight of concrete and clay tiles (only 305 pounds per roofing square). This means Distinction Tile can be installed on existing homes without expensive structural roof modifications. This is also a great choice for new homes because the lightweight composition can save on roof and truss details while still achieving the desired look of natural products.


QUARRIX  Composite Tiles

Distinction Tile is manufactured of High Density Polyethylene virgin resign as the base to the roofing product blended with fire retardant (made with recycled content) and UV stabilizers. Distinction Tile uses 58% eco-friendly content. Among other eco-conscience products, we utilize a recycled cellulose material along with a crystalline filler. Both of these ingredients would be landfilled if we did not reclaim and use them.

Fuel Efficiency – Distinction Tile Composite Roofing is 67% less weight than natural concrete/clay tile equally the typical weight of shingles. Weight advantage means more square footage on a truckload, which requires less transportation per roof.

Manufacturing Process – Regrind plastic used in new products 10-20%.
Reuse 100% of materials in plant (Drill tools and other parts)
No in process plastic from our plant goes into landfills.

Warranties and Brochures

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