CertainTeed Composite Shingles

“Symphony Slate – technology in tune with the natural surroundingsSymphony composite slate shingles is a masterpiece of synthetic slate design with enduring qualities of tooled craftsmanship, natural beauty, and harmony. Symphony is a specially-engineered composite roofing shingle that mimics the look and feel of natural slate, but is lighter, more durable and a fraction of the price.”

Composite Shingle

The Symphony product line has earned the designation as an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product, a label given to products that use less energy, save money and help protect the environment.

  • Excellent weathering capabilities for long life, combined with exceptional UV fade-resistant surface technology for superior color stability
  • Impact Resistant
  • Available in either pre-blended 12″ bundles or pre-blended multiple width bundles consisting of pre-sorted 6″, 9″ and 12″ tiles (eliminating the need for on-site sorting thus easing the installation process)
  • Available hip and ridge accessory to complement the shingles and enhance the slate-inspired look of the roofline
  • Thicker nominal ½” profile for a richer, more beautiful appearance

Energy Star® Rated Products Brochure


CertainTeed Composite Tiles

  • UL Class A fire resistance rating (with approved underlayment)
  • UL 2218, Class 4 Impact resistance rating
  • Passed UL testing for 110 MPH wind resistance at full 8″ exposure
  • ASTM D3161 wind resistance
  • Superior fade resistant (UV) surface technology


Symphony Slate Miami-Dade Compliance

3-Part Spec – Symphony

Data Sheet – Symphony

Symphony MSDS Sheet

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CertainTeed Composite Slate Shingles

CertainTeed Composite Slate Shingles

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