Green Roofing

Advanced Exteriors are committed to energy-efficiencyAt Advanced Exteriors we are committed to a “GREEN” tomorrow.

Every year 11 million tons of shingle waste is generated, prompting us to join a new program that allows us to recycle Asphalt Shingles! Asphalt is Americas most recycled material. In fact, our roadways are paved with it. But used asphalt shingles have traditionally not been recycled-they’ve just been thrown into landfills. Advanced Exteriors has joined a new program supported by GAF that will allow us to recycle your old shingles.

When we remove your old roof, we separate the asphalt shingles from the other materials (wood, metal, etc.) and recycle them separately whenever possible. We’ll then transport the shingles to the recycling center where they will be ground into smaller particles for use as paving material.

Do All Asphalt Roofs Qualify?Nearly all roofs qualify unless there is Asbestos present or the asphalt cannot be separated from other materials. We will confirm your roof’s eligibility upon performing our FREE inspection of your property.

The Major Green Roofing Components:

  • Attic Ventilation – It is estimated that 9 out of 10 U.S. homes are under ventilated and not compliant with current building code requirements. Proper attic ventilation with balanced intake and exhaust can reduce heating and cooling costs and are necessary to ensure that manufacturer warranties for roofing product are not voided. Proper ventilations also helps prevent premature failure of the roofing deck and/or roofing system.
  • Roof Deck Protection – Protects against high winds and rain preventing wet insulation which reduces its energy efficiency. Ask about our high performance roof deck; up to 20 times stronger than standard felt.
  • Reflective Shingles – Keep your home cooler in the summer reduce peak cooling energy consumption by 7-15%. Rebates and/or credits may be available for an Energy Star Roof System. Ask us for more information.


**We Also Offer Emergency Roof Repair Services!**

Significant hail and wind damage from past summer storms is present in many areas of Metro Denver. You may have hail and/or wind damage on your roof without realizing it! CALL US TODAY AT (303) 569-6875 TO SCHEDULE A FREE INSPECTION!