Composite Tile

Synthetis Composite Roofing Systems

Composite tile roofing systems are made from environmentally friendly materials that have the look of slate, clay or wood. Composite shingles look like natural materials without the same maintenance or upkeep.

These composite shingles are highly versatile and very durable with most shingles carrying a Class 4 Impact rating and a Class A or C Fire rating. The Class 4 Impact rating makes this type of shingle perfect for regions like Colorado, that have large hail storms or high winds.

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DaVinci Tile



Old-Castle Concrete Tile

Inspire Composite Shingles Inspire-Composite


We Can Provide Extended Warranties as a Certified Contractor

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**We Also Offer Emergency Roof Repair Services!**

Significant hail and wind damage from past summer storms is present in many areas of Metro Denver. You may have hail and/or wind damage on your roof without realizing it! CALL US TODAY AT (303) 569-6875 TO SCHEDULE A FREE INSPECTION!